We are a student-led organization committed to provide a diverse and unique learning experience to junior high students in a setting that emphasizes both individuality and teamwork. Our mission is simple: bring students together to compete, to collaborate, and to spark deeper thinking about the connection of language to science.

Competition Day

  • Date: December 1st, 2019, 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Location: MS 431, University of Calgary
  • Cost: Free
  • Who: Junior high students from grades 6-9
  • Bring writing utensils and water. Rules will be explained the day of.
  • Lunch is provided!


9:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:15 Opening
10:15-11:00 Individual Written Round
11:00-11:30 Education Workshop
11:30-12:15 Individual Oral Preliminaries
12:20-1:00 Individual Oral Knockouts
1:00-1:40 Lunch
1:40-2:30 Team Oral Preliminaries
2:30-2:40 Tabulation Break
2:40-3:40 Bracketed Team Oral
3:40-4:00 Tabulation Break
4:00-4:30 Awards Presentation

Check out the 2018 contest photos: Photo drive

Check out the 2019 contest photos: Photo drive


  • Language

    Explore the English language from a unique focal point

  • Science

    Learn diverse scientific vocabulary and concepts

  • Team

    Collaborate in groups of three for the ultimate prize



    Round 1: 30 words from biology, chemistry, and physics worth 1, 2 or 3 points. After hearing the word, competitors must write these correctly to win in a time-constrained environment. Most points wins!


    Round 2: Individuals will first be put to the test in two time-pressed speed rounds and will have to orally answer as many words correctly as possible in 1 minute. Those who perform well will advance to a traditional spelling bee type knockout stage where competitors will orally spell words. The last person standing wins.

  • TEAM

    Round 3: After three preliminary cycles, the top eight teams will go head-to-head in a bracket to determine the winner of the CSSC trophy.


  • Gold Medals
    Awarded to round winners
  • Silver Medals
    Awarded to 2nd place round winners
  • Bronze Medals
    Awarded to 3rd place round winners
  • Trophy
    For top team and school display

Our Team

  • Roy Han

    Founder and President
    Class of 2020 - Western Canada High School

  • Debadrita Chowdhury

    Deputy Director
    Class of 2020 - Westmount Charter School

  • Yifan Wang

    Chief Content Director
    Class of 2020 - Western Canada High School

  • Monica Aida Lopez Quiroz

    Operations Director
    Class of 2020 - Westmount Charter School

  • Jason Xie

    IT Director
    Class of 2022 - Sir Winston Churchill High School

  • Weilan Zhang

    Content Director
    Class of 2022 - Western Canada High School

  • Awad Khalid

    Operations Director
    Class of 2022 - Webber Academy

  • Ryan Han

    Media Director
    Class of 2022 - Westmount Charter School

  • Eric Sun

    Content Director
    Class of 2022 - Webber Academy

Previous Staff

  • Aaron Abraham

    Class of 2023 - University of Waterloo

  • Ali Waseem

    Class of 2023 - Dow International Medical College


Q: I cannot find any teammates, or only have one teammate for a team of 2. Can I still register?

A: Yes, you can still register, and we will try to match you up with other students with the same problem. However, if we cannot arrange for you to have a team of three, you will be ineligible for participation in the final team round. Thus, we recommend that you try your best to find a team of three.

Q: Does everyone on my team have to be from the same school?

A: No, a team can be composed of teammates from different schools. However, you will be ineligible to receive the team trophy, as it should be displayed at a school represented by a team completely from that school.

Q: Does everyone on my team have to be in the same grade?

A: No, teams can be composed of various grades without being placed at any disadvantage.

Q: I have already registered, but a teammate had to drop out. What should I do?

A: Please send us an email regarding who dropped out, as well as the name, school, grade, and email of a replacing teammate if you are able to find one.


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